Level Transmitters

Level Transmitters: EJX Pressure Transmitters

EJX Series Electronic Pressure Transmitters 

The new DPharp EJX transmitters are the latest addition to the DPharp family's EJA series. DPharp EJX transmitters employ a next-generation multi-sensing technology that provides virtually the highest level of performance and precision in the market

Level Transmitters: EJA Pressure Transmitters

EJA Series Electronic Pressure Transmitters 

The DPharp EJA series of intelligent differential pressure and pressure transmitters features high performance, durability, and reliability. The pressure detector, the core of the transmitter, uses a silicon resonant sensor that has proven to be highly reliable in the field and offers a complete product lineup

Level Transmitters: P10 Pneumatic Pressure Transmitters

P10 Series Pneumatic Pressure Transmitters 

The excellent performance and ease of application of the P10 series have been proven in numerous installations in every kind of process industry throughout the world. P10 series can be used to measure not only differential pressure but also flow rate, liquid level, density and other process variables which can be measured via differential pressure, converting them to 20 to 100 kPa (0.2 to 1.0kg/c㎡, 0.2 to 1.0 bar or 3 to 15 psi) signals for transmission to remote receivers

Radar Level meter PULS60Y Series

PULS60 Radar、FLEX80 Guided Wave Radar、SON60 Ultrasonic 

These level meters can measure the level of all medium in the tank, silo, river and sea
   - Measurement range is up to 75m
   - Process temperature is MAX.-196 degC to 450 degC
   - Process pressure is MAX.-1 to +400bar